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A Life Sciences Specialist


Biolegal is run by life sciences lawyer Jonas Gibson together with a network of trusted collaboration partners


Legal services for life-changing innovation,
from laboratory to market

Companies in the life sciences sector engage a wide array of competencies in order to progress through the various stages of commercialization.


Biolegal is here to fill the role of team lawyer and may assist in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, and support in dealing with other legal matters and issues.




Biolegal was founded with a conviction that legal services for the life sciences industry are best provided by a truly specialized firm - a firm entirely dedicated to the sector - like a CRO or a CMO but for

legal services

With an ambition to drive progress - together as a team - in a role as speaking partner and advisor around contracts and other legal matters

With a belief that the recipe for success in any business relationship is a good mix of personal engagement, business focus, collaboration and trust. Add fun and we may just be able to build a rocket ship together

Lokon Pharma AB

“We have a great collaboration with Biolegal. Open discussions and focus on what is important. Very easy to work with.”​


—  Angelica Loskog, Founder & CEO

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