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It all starts in the laboratory.

R&D is at the core of most companies in the life science industry. External collaborations and relationships are often key in the conduct of successful R&D projects. As these projects may lead to both in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities, it is important to get the legal structure right from the beginning in order to ensure that all rights are protected and allocated to the right party .

Biolegal has experience of working closely with researchers and company management both in early and late phases of research and product development projects.

Below are some specific areas and examples of matters where we may assist:


  • collaboration arrangements between academic institutions and the industry,

  • engagement of external laboratories and other service providers for product development,

  • confidential disclosure agreements (CDA),

  • material transfer agreements (MTA),

  • research agreements,

  • license option agreements,

  • master services agreements (MSA),

  • employment and consulting agreements,

  • technology transfer agreements,

  • assignment/transfer of IP from inventors,

  • inventor royalty structures,

  • in-licensing agreements, etc.

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