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Marketing and sales are at the core of business and at the end of the day, sales cure all.

Biolegal has experience of assisting both product owners in negotiations with marketing companies as well as assisting larger companies in dealing with legal issues and requirements regarding the sales and marketing of medical products and services.


Below are some specific areas and examples of matters where we may assist:

  • Templates for general terms and conditions,

  • master services/supply agreements,

  • co-marketing agreements,

  • distribution, agency, reseller agreements,

  • negotiating with customers, distributors, agents and retailers,

  • analysis of Swedish marketing laws on medical products,

  • review of marketing materials,

  • product liability,

  • Swedish bribery and corruption laws, etc.

  • support contracts for maintenance of medical equipment,

  • OEM agreements for the use of third party technology in medical devices, 

  • software license agreements, etc.

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